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Christian Car Guy Theatre Cast & Crew

Christian Car Guy Theater Cast and Crew

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  • Share Your Prayer Repair

    Share Your Prayer Repair

    This week being the National Day of Prayer I attended an event with Pastor Pete Greig of the 24/7 Prayer Movement. Later I got to interview him on Truth Talk Live…check that out. So with these simple concepts of Prayer, on today’s Show how have they played out in your […]

  • The Road To A Prayer, ASK: “A”sk, “S”eek, “K”nock

    The Road To A Prayer, ASK: “A”sk, “S”eek, “K”nock

    All my life selling cars the basic, basic, every car salesman is taught is called ‘the road to the sale’. Every Car Salesperson out there knows exactly what I am talking about .. The ‘road to a sale’ is a bit of a road map of the steps you take […]

  • Let’s Make A Deal (5 Fatal Mistakes)

    Let’s Make A Deal (5 Fatal Mistakes)

    It’s funny that today the very word “Deal” kind of makes me cringe. Sort of crazy when I think I spent over 40 years of my life working in “Deal’er-Ships”. I guess God knew the pain I had seen along these lines as the very reason I felt led to […]

  • Think And Grow Rich 2

    Think And Grow Rich 2

    Last weeks show ‘Think and Grow Rich’ we discussed, Andrew Carnegie’s secret to riches as explained in Napoleon Hill’s Book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, you can read about that in last weeks post . Before I go on to this weeks ideas I want to extend last weeks for a […]

  • How Should I Pray For My Vehicle? Prayer Ideas

    How Should I Pray For My Vehicle? Prayer Ideas

    It would seem that God has had me on lesson plan on prayer my whole life. So this morning I felt Jesus leading me towards this topic. What would be some ways to pray about and for your vehicle and driving needs. So as you might imagine I have been […]


Mr. QuickPick

Mr. QuickPick  Lock and Road

Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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