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  • Road Sage

    Road Sage

    When it comes to the guy who just zoomed past 5 miles of cars that had correctly zipper merged to the lane that wasn’t ending or worse yet an 18 wheeler who has just taken himself to the head of the line from 5 miles back, God how I am […]

  • Simple Fix

    The Christian Car Guy Radio Show Check out this episode!

  • Clefted Tires Required

    Clefted Tires Required

    Off Road Vehicles, Off Road Tires Scream, “adventure” our hearts long for High Mountain adventure we were made for it. A vehicle can get you there in the physical, but it needs traction and ground clearance, Four Wheel Drive a narrow short wheel base to navigate narrow roads and switch back […]

  • Giving Thanks For A Thorn In The Paint

    Giving Thanks For A Thorn In The Paint

    Does Your Car have a thorn in the paint? Old Red Sure does, the longer you own a car the more familiar you become with it’s thorn. In Old Red my 1985 Dakota for years I have struggled with it overheating and blowing head gaskets. Have I ever thanked God […]

  • Making It Work : The Last Shall Be First

    Making It Work : The Last Shall Be First

    What does that really mean, “The Last Shall Be First”? All Week God has had me on the lesson plan of “Work” with Jesus Parable of the Day Laborers or as some say The Workers in the Vineyard. It’s just not fair is it? Here is the Parable Matthew 20:1-16 […]

  • The First Rock And Roll Singer

    The First Rock And Roll Singer

    If you want living water to come out of The Rock like a geyser try singing. This would be what, Miriam, the first Mary in the Bible would tell you. Her name meant “bitter” as she was born at the height of the bitterness of slavery in Egypt. She was […]

  • Road Rage In The Mirror

    Road Rage In The Mirror

    What, the Christian Car Guy struggles with Road Rage? I’m afraid so, my kids my wife would share that I often find myself raging, not just at other drivers, but a few weeks ago at a seating hostess in a restaurant, lines at stores or amusements parks. Clearly a problem […]

  • What Halo Cars Represent In You

    What Halo Cars Represent In You

    When you are looking for a profit as an auto manufacturer certain cars are big time losers yet still remain in the lineup, simply because what they bring to the brand name. What did the Corvette do for Chevy or the Viper for Dodge and my favorite the GSX for […]

  • Bibles for Uganda

    Bibles for Uganda

    The Postage is high so we are trying to consolidate.  Email me if you have an interest, we could sure use your prayers as well

  • Inside A Blessing

    Inside A Blessing

    Once again God has taken me deep, perhaps punching way out of my weight class by the lesson plan He had for me this week, I’ll do my best to show what God has shown me about the camel kneeling and the roots of a giant sequoia being inside a […]


Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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