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  • Apart From Christ: What?

    Apart From Christ: What?

    In John 15:5  Jesus could not be clearer, “Apart from me you can do nothing”. So how do you abide?  I struggle here a lot and so on this show  live from The Middle Eastern Christian Festival… The Question I would love for you to call in and share is. […]

  • Roadside Rescues

    Roadside Rescues

    When Did You Experience An Unlikely Rescuer, or perhaps you were the Unlikely Rescuer? Call Today: we are live  5/14/2016  @10:06am ET 866-348-7884 God has a plan for your life. He, no doubt, designed you uniquely to bring the Kingdom as only you can. Discovering that plan is surely an […]

  • John Eldredge: Moving Mountain on the Show This Saturday

    John Eldredge: Moving Mountain on the Show This Saturday

    Moving Mountains by John Eldredge A book on prayer that actually works Everyone has a reason to pray. We long to see God come through for us and those we love. But sometimes he doesn’t, and where does that leave us? Are we doing something wrong? Does he not hear? […]


Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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