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  • Sensuous Symbolism

    Sensuous Symbolism

     The Sensuous Symbolism of a 2019 Pontiac Trans Am; those of us who knew that Pontiac “Built Excitement” can literally feel something when we look at the firebird on the hood, the hood scoop, the honeycomb wheels. The sound of that Smokey and the Bandit 455 rumbling, or the wind […]

  • Grace Car Driving

    Grace Car Driving

    May we all grow in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. What makes you a Grace Car Driver? One of my favorite subjects with the emphasis on FAVOR. John’s Gospel tells us that Jesus was full of grace – “favor”, and John told us that he was […]

  • My Cup Runneth Over

    My Cup Runneth Over

    Just getting back from a Colorado vacation, if you don’t see God there you haven’t got your eyes open. Everywhere you look there is abundance, Mountains, wildlife… Picture with me walking down to a sparkling clear mountain lake, from a distance you can see the trout rising all over the […]

  • Say Yes To The Dress – No To Stains

    Say Yes To The Dress – No To Stains

    A Christian’s hope is that day, the day dressed in white, FOREVER NOW as wonderfully portrayed in the ‘theme song’ for “Say Yes To The Dress”.  “Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for, like a dream turn the key, feel the lock, open open the door.” FOREVER NOW, wow […]

  • America’s Freedom Fest: Grace Sealed by The Holy Spirit

    America’s Freedom Fest: Grace Sealed by The Holy Spirit

    This 4th of July Weekend think of the words of Neal Diamond’s, ‘Coming To America’ . . “Home To a new and a shiny place Make our bed and we’ll say our grace Freedom’s light burning warm Freedom’s light burning warm” . . That freedom sought by the Pilgrims was […]

  • Grace to the Habitual Sinner A Biblical Precedent

    Grace to the Habitual Sinner A Biblical Precedent

    The bondage of habitual sin is more than brutal and sadly we often lose hope for ourselves or loved ones, even question salvation. Darrin Koone, a dear friend put this together for us; the 51st Psalm, David’s Lament after Nathan the prophet confronted him on his sin with Bathsheba. Here […]

  • Father’s Day Special: Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

    Father’s Day Special: Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

    God wired father’s to come through, to rescue the beauty, to fix things. So as a tribute to father’s everywhere on today’s show the question is: how did your father display this prowess, maybe it wasn’t your birth father but a grandfather, Uncle or some other father figure in your […]

  • Caught In Adultery

    Caught In Adultery

    Jesus came to “bind up the brokenhearted“, Isaiah 61:1,  and it seems Jesus keeps showing me more and more places that need binding. Thursday, I was enjoying my commute and memories were flooding in with every sign and tree I noticed. Suddenly I saw and Old Mobil Gas Sign, (the […]

  • Shepherding Your Car

    Shepherding Your Car

    Kingdom living is amazingly demonstrated in the 23rd Psalm, here you see and feel what it’s like to be guided, cared for and nurtured perfectly. Since we are being initiated to be good kings and shepherds ourselves how can we apply these principles to our loved ones, our jobs, and, […]

  • All Things New

    All Things New

    What a fantastic adventure you will go on reading John Eldredge’s Book “All Things New” (I can’t recommend it too much), in the last chapter John challenges the reader to create a list, not a ‘bucket list’ but a hope in the Kingdom list of three things you are hoping […]


Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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