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Car Repair Help for Single Moms, Widows and Families in Crisis To Mail In: Jesus Labor of Love 238 Saura ln. Winston Salem, NC 27107


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  • Grace And Truth

    Grace And Truth

    This week I started to consider that perhaps the Jews yelling, “Hosanna” got it more right then I had previously thought. They were yelling “Hosanna” (Save us) in hopes that Jesus would overthrow the Roman bondage they were enduring. Previously I thought that, “no, Jesus came to save them from […]

  • Blessed Are the Poor In Spirit

    Blessed Are the Poor In Spirit

    One of the great joys of being the Christian Car Guy is I get to call the applicants of the Jesus Labor of Love, (car repair for single mom’s, widows and families in crisis). When they answer, I often get the sense I’m speaking to Annie from the musical, Annie, […]

  • Treating Symptoms Or The Cause

    Treating Symptoms Or The Cause

    My 18 year old daughter drove to Birmingham last weekend and sent me a text Saturday night that no dad wants to get. It was a video of here dash light indicating her car was overheating. She followed my advice and pulled over and checked her coolant and it was […]

  • Faithfully Loving

    Faithfully Loving

    There was a heart grabbing line in the original movie “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen, when his son Charley is told that, “believing is seeing”. Now look up at the picture above at that lion cub, what do you think that lion cub believes about his father? The little […]

  • Teach Your Children Well @AlexMcfarland

    Teach Your Children Well @AlexMcfarland

    Save A Nation Conference Registration If you could go back and teach your young self one thing about car maintenance or operation what would that be? I would try to teach the younger Robby to nip it in the BUD, and slow down Jesus walked everywhere He went and got […]

  • Is Your Car Having An Identity Crisis

    Is Your Car Having An Identity Crisis

    On Today’s Show Call In 866-348-7884 and Allow US to Help Name Your Vehicle with The Car Name Generator and receive this customized authentic Christian Car Guy Birth Certificate for Your Vehicle Brought to you In preparation for Next Weeks Christian Car Guy Theater where you may be surprised […]

  • Eager Feet Make Super Bowl Winners

    Eager Feet Make Super Bowl Winners

    Above is the Sermon I got to share at Peace Church in Durham last week… Yes, Eager Feet from Joshua 1:6, but also Spinning into Rope/Waiting on the Lord see Below…. “Righty tighty lefty lucy” A fun twist to get you to remember which way to tighten a nut, or […]

  • Twisten The Night Away

    Twisten The Night Away

    “Righty tighty lefty lucy” A fun twist to get you to remember which way to tighten a nut, or as you can see above the spinning wheel twists a yarn, but I found this week that twisten has a lot to do with “waiting on the Lord” and the promised […]

  • Overcoming Car Problems

    Overcoming Car Problems

    Yes, overcoming car problems starts with a cry for help and the needs below are our chance to join in the cry for help to the Father, who will meet these needs, but graciously allows you and me the honor of helping by praying or if further called by donating […]

  • The Greatest Wrestling Hold: The “Overcomer”

    The Greatest Wrestling Hold: The “Overcomer”

    In Jacob’s all night wrestling match with the ‘man’/’angel’/ “God” way down in the details I believe we can glean the secret wrestling hold he used to overcome. Truly amazing is that as he overcame then God bestowed on him the gifts He promises to us in Revelation 2 and […]


Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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