Tough place to be you just paid hundreds maybe thousands to get your vehicle fixed and it breaks down again and you are to0 broke to fix it, now what, I mean now what?

You have to have a car to get to work to make the money to fix it but you don’t have the car, so it feels like a catch 22 and you feel like the hand of providence has slapped you down again, God is mad at me, right? WRONG!!! Let me say that again, Satan would sure love you to buy that lie but it’s wrong, oh, it’s the hand of providence for sure but it is NOT I repeat NOT God out to destroy you and your world. There is HOPE, lots of it, but trust and faith and prayer become more real and more necessary in these times.

On “Today’s Show” we have a new way to own a car if you live paycheck to paycheck and week to week with seemingly no way to get reliable transportation…So listen to the podcast if you want to know more about that for Feb 16th, 2019. Yet I really think there is something much bigger here to consider with the hand of providence.

As my dad at 88 is now entering Hospice care and I feel like I am being pruned of one of my oldest and most trusted branches that has brought me life, I can’t help but see the Husbandman of John 15: 1 “I am the true vine and my Father is the Husbandman. ” So in this time I am honored with my wife to be his caregivers, and my dad loves dogs so James Banks told me of the book “Lessons From A Sheepdog” by Phillip Keller the same author of “A Shepherd Looks at The 23rd Psalm” Which to me is one of my all time favorites. So I got the book and started reading it to my dad as he seems so forlorn laying in bed just watching TV.

Phillip speaks of his growing relationship with this sheepdog and how this sheep dog, Lass, loves to please his master above anything, (that’s pretty challenging right there) and that after many many hours of voice commands and intimacy they have risen to a better place for a sheep dog where they advanced to hand signs as to not scare or disturb the sheep. He then challenges the reader to see God’s hand of providence as signs for what he is doing in our lives and opportunities as we know His word and how to follow that to new level of intimacy and trust in His providence.

So you spent all your bucks on a broke down truck, ask, “God where are you wanting this to take me?” My guess may be, (as He has with me many, many times) humbled to have to ask for help from one of your many servants very possibly the Jesus Labor of Love here with the Christian Car Guy.

Truth is God has rigged the world so we can’t do it without Him and He has so many helpers waiting, if we can humble ourselves, trust the Masters Hand and even more His heart. He Loves You, I promise!!!