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  • Faithfully Loving

    Faithfully Loving

    There was a heart grabbing line in the original movie “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen, when his son Charley is told that, “believing is seeing”. Now look up at the picture above at that lion cub, what do you think that lion cub believes about his father? The little […]

  • How Old Is Too Old When Buying A Used Car?

    How Old Is Too Old When Buying A Used Car?

    by Guest Writer: Sally Perkins Used cars come with many benefits. They’re cheaper to purchase, there’s less depreciation on the value of the vehicle and car insurance is lower. In 2016, 40.6 million used vehicles were purchased by Americans, proving that the second-hand car industry is still going strong. Before buying a […]

  • Hard Nosed Leveraged Negotiator – Bible Style

    Hard Nosed Leveraged Negotiator – Bible Style

    The art and boldness it takes to negotiate you will find throughout the Bible, and probably deeply rooted in your childhood. The concept of “opposition equals opportunity” that Paul describes in 1 Corinthian 16:9 has much to do with one of the ways we know when we have a good […]

  • Seek Ye Out The Diamond in the Rough

    Seek Ye Out The Diamond in the Rough

    Grace… FAVOR…. Who or What has been your favorite even when it seemed they least deserved it? In Isaiah 61: and Luke 4:19 Jesus proclaimed  it was the year of the “Lords Favor “… YES!!! YOU are His favorite even when you least deserve it… THE DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH […]


Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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