Miracles (within me)

You may not be that special one That you believe  you to be .

And you may not reach the stars of Stars where your name would shine So bright.

And you may not be the the brains of brains, that you could invent somebody style.

And  you may not be that  Scholar that stand so tall and proud.

But all I ask of you , all I really ask of you ,is that you believe in  me , The me that’s in you , believe in me,
 and the very special you .

He said cause  you are the miracle Thats gonna change the people of this world.

He said, cause you are the miracle That’s gonna change the people of this world.

You are the miracle that’s gonna change the people of this world

Signs and wonders ; signs and wonders is what they will be seeing .

At the time of this poem I was  Searching  Desperately for my identity. What’s my purpose, what am I to do after high school I was scared to death, I had Just barely made it out by the skin of my teeth.

..It would be yrs later at an appointed time, when I had totally given up on self ; (I would meet my maker) so to speak, I felt  so  Defeated. My two young children was up stairs in their rooms there was a deep,deep very silent  dry cry  Embedded within me , I had tried to model for a while, tried to become a movie star ,by being an extra in a film with Lou gossip junior..,tried to be married, tried to become best mom,I tried all this on Shakey’s ground.

I  LOOK at all I had tried to do as total failure because. of the results of each one, I Crawled into  my down stairs bathroom closed the door and vowed  never to come out again, my life shame and failure had left me  in a  Fetus position laying on the bathroom floor.  I could hear the tiny knocks on the door and my children asking Mommie you alright. I didn’t won’t to answer but God!!! He began talking to me.and because I trusted God! at His word! and obeyed.

I was able to regain strength peel my self from the floor check my self in the large mirror while
Looking in the mirror this poem was being revealed before my very eyes the love and comfort of compassion I felt was supernatural indeed..

He made to be able  to open that door and receive my children with  great Joy! I don’t know how long I was in that state of mind but I was definitely in a Time zone with God!.

It was the first time I’ve ever had  serious make over. I went in the restroom a mess and came out power buff fresh.

This very intimate poem played as a very special piece of the puzzle of Gods  plan for my life..

Sharing this portion of my life in hopes that whomever this find in great   Deep despair, There is a God! a father  Who cares and He will give you a way out .

Written by Jacqueline K Ward
inspired by The Holy spirit
My wisdom counselor and director  from Jesus Christ our salvation Savior and God!.

Father eyes

Looking through the eyes of my father I finally know what He see in me.

Looking through the eyes of my father I finally sees what he sees in me.

Heart felt love devotion goes streaming down my face

Heart felt love devotion goes Streaming down my face.

I do believe the word became flesh In my life.
I do believe the word became  flesh In my life…..looking through the eyes of my father….

When my Father comes to (visit )

When , when my father comes to see me. I’ll smile , my biggest smile.

When , when my father comes to see me I’ll make  sure  my  admiration is dressed at its best.

So , when ,my father comes to see me He’ll know, that ,He’s  very welcome here.

And when ,my father comes to visit me. I’ll know that the feeling ,are  Mutual!

I love God’s Mutual benefit plan It’s The best Ever Like  Eternity.


Ps…He still make house calls ; call Him up…= I  commune with God as often as I  Breathe breath.

The End Game(of life)

In living and playing this serious game Of life ; you can not give up.

For if you do , you would have missed out in given some new hope, some new ideal, some new changes
 in others words you make a difference !!!

Written Ms Jacqueline k ward
Inspired by The Holy spirit
My wisdom counselor
director from Jesus Christ our
Lord and Savior

Ps. Be ye encouraged ;  Says the Lord!

Faithful  Bride

This Time Jesus, its gonna be better than before .

Now this time Jesus its gonna be sweeter than before.

This Time my King ; This Time My Lord

This Time I say I do ; This Time I wanna be .

I wanna be your faithful Bride .

I’m gonna be coming back to you.

I’m gonna be running back to you.

I wanna be your faithful Bride

After being a partime lover, for so long never really given Him  my whole heart.

And  In spite of my  Filthy garments and the process of Purging My mind set I was Cleansed by His Blood and set free to  Purely accept His  Invitation , His covenant of love .
I said yes! to the  Engagement of righteousness in hopes of becoming  His Holy Bride….

I was caught  being unfaithful Numerous times , And every time my true love , Redeemed me from a place of sin .The spirit of the living God would say…This is not my way…REPENT….and return back to me.
And that’s exactly what I did then, and now, make sure you examine yourself daily to see if you be of the faith  .

Ps. Ladies, God does love and want you ; And He will put a ring


on it..
The  Agape way..

All Written by Jacqueline.k ward
Inspired by The Holy spirit
My  wisdom counselor and director from Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.