June 12, 2017

Please Pray for our lady who is still running from a domestic violence situation and we have some really heavy parts that need shipping a long way and struggling to make arrangements. Plus she really needs a job and transportation, the most desperate need we have right now.

Please pray for a man who needs all kinds of repairs, he is homeless and his tech school sent us his need as he is about to graduate. Our real need is we have no one in that area we can trust with this repair and trying to find someone who knows someone.

Please for Another Domestic Violence Victim who’s engine is blown and taking more than we thought to get a used engine installed.

Please pray for a divorced single mom who has to move a long way and needs her car ready for that move stress on top of stress.

Please pray for a single mom who we have had at two shops and we still can’t seem to get her car fixed and she is very upset.

Please pray for our donations as our account has slipped below $3,000 for the first time this year and summer requests are coming  much faster than donations.

Please pray for a meeting tonight interviewing a new volunteer to help with the calls to applicants and repair facilities a huge job and praying for God to meet the need.