Sing unto The Lord
a new song.
and let His praises fill
The temple
And Lord , shower down on me
and Cleanse ,out my soul
and search to find this evil hold on
Transform my heart Lord ; to be just like yours God so that I can become this new Creature.
So That I can become this new Creature .
sing unto The Lord
a new

I wholeheartedly cried out to God
And He’d answered me.
He’d began revealing His plan of
Design ,destiny for my life here on earth and Eternity.

Pssss. I know it hard to believe that
God’s love can change wrong to right
But It’s true He can.
And I know it’s really hard to believe
That all your bad loves can be overturned and resolved by an invisible ,God but it’s true .He became
more visible to me as I believed who
He said ,He is and what ,He is to me
In my life.

The self-ExistingOne
A Holy and Righteous God
The Redeemer and lover of souls

I had to listen trust and begin to walk towards His word instead of running like I did before Christ . And suddenly
Before my very eyes
I am changing from dark to light
from Bitter to sweet
from unlovable ; to loveable.
from sinner to righteousness
Listen for the Invitation
of love

A Change renewed mind, (the wedding veil) bka Helmet of Salvation.
A change
It has to come
A change
And it’s
all because ; it’s all because
Jesus cares for
A change ,
Ah loveable
Ah Honorable
Ah Holy change
Ah change
Ah wonderful
Ah mighty Miraculous change
Ah powerful change,Ah change, and it all because ; it’s all because Jesus cares for We

Written by Jacqueline K. Ward

Inspired by the Holy Spirit Her Wisdom counselor and director from Jesus Christ our Lord and Savoir