Last weeks show ‘Think and Grow Rich’ we discussed, Andrew Carnegie’s secret to riches as explained in Napoleon Hill’s Book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, you can read about that in last weeks post . Before I go on to this weeks ideas I want to extend last weeks for a moment. Since I believe that Andrew Carnegie’s secret was unity and the reversal of the curse of the tower of Babel, this morning my mind finally opened up to what I believe is part of what Jesus was teaching His disciples to pray in what we know as the Lords Prayer.

The shear immensity of what it means to pray “give US this day our daily bread.” Yes, everyone, feed the whole planet, Lord, or even more mind blowing, “forgive US our sins as we forgive WE forgive those who sin against US.”  Yes, I mean that everyone in the world would forgive and get forgiven. Yes, Hilary Clinton would forgive Donald Trump and Donald Trump would forgive the 9th Circuit Court. That the President of Iran (Hassan Rouhani ) would be forgiven and that Benjamin Netanyahu would forgive Hezbolla after he himself accepted Christ and was forgiven.  Even closer to home that your brother would accept Christ and forgive your mother and your Boss would seek forgiveness from Jesus and forgive the production guy he is getting ready to blast on Monday.  What a prayer, and now, “lead US not into temptation but deliver US from evil”. It’s like Paul said in Ephesians 6: “Our Battle is not against flesh and blood but spiritual forces in high places”.  We are all under attack by the one who has come to steal, kill and destroy and here is our chance to ask God to come save, His Bride… Like it ends “For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory Forever, AMEN”… May it be True.

The ‘Think And Grow Rich Two’ aspect I am processing today is ‘Your inheritance’, and as A.W. Tozer points out in his book, ‘The Pursuit of God’ which by the way can be had on Kindle for 99 cents, the Levites and Priests got an amazing inheritance if they only understood. They did not get the land or the stuff, they got the prize, they got God. If you have ever tasted God and experienced a moment with Him, how much more would you want your family to inherit That from you rather than a 1966 Iso Grifo.Please, take a good long look, it’s junk it rusts it needs brakes. We let our stuff take that place in our heart and we inherit pain, loss, destruction. As, Tozer pointed out so beautifully, the shear love God had for Abraham that he would pull, Issac, however brutally from the patriarch’s heart’s throne so that, God would be Abraham’s inheritance and boy oh boy have, we to this day benefited from father Abraham’s inheritance passed down to me.It has been my experience that with God’s love comes  a fierce jealousy, (that’s a good thing believe me), and as William Gurnall pointed out in the, concept above, God will pull whatever is on the throne of our hearts besides Himself in an all out effort to provide us with, Abraham’s inheritance. Think about it, when did God do that in your life. Call us today on the Christian Car Guy Show February 11, 2017 10:05am ET- 10:58am ET and share your Story of when God took your rusting treasure.  Once again, His Kingdom Come.