The Only car this family has needs a new Engine so the financial need is way above our resources. Please pray and if you feel led to donate to this specifically please tag your donation as [Daughter Engine Need]. Below is her request in her own words. Though she mentions $7,000 is what she was quoted I believe I can get an Engine partially or completely donated and some of the labor my guess is we will need about $1,500


First, I would like to thank Robby and all of his affiliates for the hard work that they do nationwide for those in need. After some extensive research for programs in my state, I was incredibly disheartened to find there weren’t any type of immediate assistance for low-income people such as myself. Thankfully, after reaching out to some of Jesus’ Labor of Love’s affiliates (prior to knowing anything about it), someone was able to point me in your direction. This truly was a Godsend and after filling out my help request form, I was soon contacted by Robby himself. I don’t usually answer numbers I don’t recognize, but something told me to answer that call and after talking and praying with Robby, I have faith that my family and I will get through these hard times. I currently am leasing a 2011 Nissan Versa that I got from DriveTime and have been struggling to pay off for 2+ years now. This is my first car and has at least been helpful for rebuilding my credit. In the past year, I have experienced gaps in employment and have faced even more hardship in keeping up with my payments and have had to deal with the harassment from the third party loan service DriveTime sold my loan to. For anyone else who has suffered from this knows how incredibly stressful it is to negotiate with loan servicers as they barely show any empathy even after I had been consistently making my payments for the past couple of years. I am so close to paying off my little Versa and truly calling it my own that it would be ridiculous to simply trade it and still have to pay it off on top of another car payment or forfeit it. I have recently started service with the AmeriCorps program where I serve rural communities experiencing economic hardships and due to the income, I am not able to afford rent and have had to move in with my parents who are also experiencing a financial crisis. This gives me an hour and thirty minute commute both ways 5 days a week. For awhile now, the engine has been making a knocking noise and after getting it looked at, I was quoted $7,000+ in repairs. I owe around $3,800 just to pay it off and the repairs are just absolutely unfeasible. It broke down on the highway last week and is no longer driveable and puts me in an unfortunate predicament to get to my job. With the help of Jesus’ Labor of Love, I could get a rebuilt engine for my car and really help me get back on my feet so I can continue serving others in need through the work that I do. Any help is appreciative and thank you all again, you really are doing the Lord’s work.