Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Joseph (a disabled Vietnam Vet) who didn’t get his benefits because “his records were somehow burned in a fire” helps his brother Harold who is a quadraplegic as a result of a fall 28 years ago.  Joseph’s previous ($5,000/ junky) van was stolen so he can no longer go grocery shopping, or run errands,  for himself or his brother who lives nearby.  Joseph is also the only one who would take Harold out to eat or just to drive around just to get him out of the house.  Harold almost died 3 months ago and during his time in the hospital I promised him I would do whatever I can to buy a van for him and Joseph.  Because of Harold’s level of injury (C2 Quad) he requires a special handicapped van which (even very used) is costly.  I have raised about $5,000 so far but need a lot more in order to truly help these 2 humble, impoverished, kind souls who are truly desperate but have no expectation of help from anyone.

If you need more info please let me know.

Anything you can do to help them would be a blessing beyond measure.

Eastern NC

We have two Pastors Josh, our Youth Pastor, currently has a need for a vehicle. Josh and his wife Charlotte have 4 children. Their youngest, Reagan, is non-verbal autistic and he has recently been diagnosed with some other problems. Because of this, Charlotte is not able to work outside the home. Taking care of Reagan is a full-time job in itself.

Josh works three jobs to help ends meet. They have a Honda Odyssey van that has been giving them problems and has been in the shop multiple times over the last several months. It has become very unreliable and not suitable for Charlotte to drive the kids around in. Each time they take the van to the shop, they are told nothing is wrong with it. The battery light stays on even though they have replaced the battery and alternator, and maybe some other things!

If there is anything you can do to help them, that would be great! They are a wonderful family and they need help.

Triad Area, NC,

I am in need of a vehicle I can’t afford to buy one my family has very bad medical issues right now my mother has fluid around her heart and lungs and my stepdad has Crohn’s disease and what is the pouch they both been diagnosed with covid and I just recently was pregnant and found out my baby didn’t have a heartbeat and they had to remove my child from my belly and I have no way to purchase a vehicle right now I’m willing to work one off if you could help me get one so I can get back and forth to my family and help them get to the hospital and two doctor appointments I live in Walkertown and they live in Pfafftown and there are no bus routes in between and I would be willing to work off a vehicle if you could help me get one please