Up, Up, Up, “would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?” The smoke from the burn sacrifice went up, leaves on the trees look up, to be healed from the serpant bite in Numbers 21, look up. This is Altared Consciousness.

In Exodus 27 and Ezeikel 43 the altar not only needed to be square but four square in the King James, as I studied four square, which in Hebrew has everything to do with the head of the corner, especially four square. Take a look.

What is in the middle, a cross, seriously, a cross, the Altar is a cross, and the head of the corner, the Sunday School Answer – It’s Jesus. Look up.

Do you think it is a coincidence that the word leaf and the word for burnt sacrifice in Hebrew are spelled the same way… Look up.

The fruit is always what is offered by the way, the best of fruits, unblemished and full of the seeds for more, yes a sheep is full of seeds for more sheep. Jesus, was the best ever and full of seeds, take a bite today.

So much more to share but you will have to listen to today’s show….