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Christian Car Guy Theater Cast and Crew

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  • Apart From Christ: What?

    Apart From Christ: What?

    In John 15:5  Jesus could not be clearer, “Apart from me you can do nothing”. So how do you abide?  I struggle here a lot and so on this show  live from The Middle Eastern Christian Festival… The Question I would love for you to call in and share is. […]

  • 4 Days Late But Right On Time

    4 Days Late But Right On Time

    Ever try to figure out how to witness to someone you work with everyday that doesn’t seem to care a thing about your faith. You may be shocked to find they do, down deep they want to know all about it. Johnny Hendrix was that for me. At the time […]

  • Heavenly Promotion

    Heavenly Promotion

    A Little after 12 midnight the phone rings, “Mr. Dilmore this is the North Carolina State Police, are you the general manager of Crown Dodge Suzuki?” The stern voice requested. My sheepish answer, “well, yes.” The midnight call you always worried about as a General Manager in The Crown Automotive […]

  • I Found The Lost Ark

    I Found The Lost Ark

    God showed me something I don’t think I will ever fully grasp or get to the depth of it, but it simply blew me away. The exact location of the lost Ark of the covenant. I was reading Waking the Dead by John Eldredge in his chapter on the heart […]

  • Are There Answers In The Dust?

    Are There Answers In The Dust?

    Those Who Are Not “In Christ” will be consumed by the Dust Devil…just sayin.. The more I have pondered the above, the more I wonder is there a connection of Satan, Adam and Eve’s motive to sin and their respective curses? Satan’s sin motive seems clear that he hoped to […]

  • At 93 Years Old He Was Prayed Up Packed Up and Ready to Go

    At 93 Years Old He Was Prayed Up Packed Up and Ready to Go

    Lester Cranfill was about eighty years old when I met him, about six four and two hundred and fifty pounds he was a big man and a stout broad shouldered old truck driver.  Yet in so many ways his constant grin and his demeanor always made me feel like he […]

  • Great Great Great Grandpa Was A Horse Thief?

    Great Great Great Grandpa Was A Horse Thief?

    Just like your life a great deal has taken place before I arrived on the scene. Our lives are very much a part of a Larger Story or Grand Narrative. Folks from the Ransom Heart and Dangerous Heart Ministries have taught me that keeping that perspective helps me to understand […]

  • The Four Stroke Christian (With A New Emphasis On The Power Stroke)

    The Four Stroke Christian (With A New Emphasis On The Power Stroke)

    Years ago God gave me this illustration of the Christian Life using the principals of a 4 stroke engine it has since been my most read article and as I continue to consider this it continues to teach me something to this day. The four stroke engine revolutionized transportation with […]

  • What’s Your Heavenly Heritage?

    What’s Your Heavenly Heritage?

    For years I have been fascinated with Ancestry and enjoyed hours of studying the lives of my ancestors. With the help of the internet and ancestry sites their are many treasures available pictures and stories I would have never dreamed were out there. The story I was always interested in […]

  • How I Met God

    How I Met God

    No doubt God used many people and circumstances to bring me to know Him, here are a few of the things that I would hold significant. When I asked my wife Tammy to marry me she  told me she wouldn’t unless we went to church, “what! on my only day […]


Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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