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  • Mutual Admiration Society

    Back in the day as a New Car sales manager  I would put on a sales meeting every morning, always hungry for ideas for this task GMC Truck produced these video disks, (I told you it was back in the day) and one suggestion that took hold for me, that  […]

  • More Than You Bargained For

    How cool is it that so often life/God gives us more than we bargained for. If you go to Maui in Hawaii, one of the ‘must sees’ is the, ‘Road to Hana’ and believe me from the picture above that I took last week from one of the 56 bridges, […]

  • 4th Of July God Moment

    Who brought the “rain” that likely saved Fort McHenry that September night that caused “The bombs to burst in air” because the cannons couldn’t fire properly in the down pour. Even more strategic was the bomb that hit the magazine of gun powder in the night that didn’t explode; was […]

  • 7 Anointings Of A Good Good Father from the 23rd Psalm

    Many would think Jesus’ last name is, Christ, but that word is so very much more than part of His name, it comes from the Hebrew word “Messiah”, translated into Greek it’s “Christ”, with both of those words meaning anointing. So that really has me pondering wondering; so what does […]

  • Fathers On Purpose

    Although not all of us have or had earthly fathers on Purpose, God has strategically placed other good fathers in our lives and so as we consider fathers on purpose think of that guy, maybe an uncle or a grandfather or a coach, boss or neighbor. That guy that you […]

  • When Was “YOUR” Jesus Breakdown

    When Was Your Jesus Break Down? That may sound a bit crazy but let me explain… First you may have experienced a car break down on the side of the road that will help explain the Jesus Break Down… This is when you failed to take Barney Fife’s advice and […]

  • Klondike Kings

    I am often reminded that God places His people together to shine in ways we can never do alone. Something I learned as a boy gives me great expectations for the Body of Christ.   When my family moved to Michigan in the 1967 I was hoping to find a […]

  • How Do You Know You Can’t? (TRY)

    This Week Bob Young is guest hosting and his topic is….TRY.  Bob has his own experience with this I know he will share but it quickly reminded me to TRY!!! TRY, yes in my view it’s one of the ‘keys’ to the Kingdom, Jesus said we would get in Matthew […]

  • The First Rule of Fishing

    Last Week my Father took my daughter, Tess,  my grand daughter, Lila, and me on amazing adventure to Colorado fishing.  Yes, we drove, from North Carolina (I am the Christian Car Guy) and my 7 year old grand daughter only ask if we were there yet   about 30 times. Kids […]

  • “New” Ideas To See In The Dark (Battle of The Headlamps)

    Driving at night theses days I am amazed at all the different configuration of headlamps coming at me. All different shapes, numbers and sizes; different colors, some blueish, some with bunches of mini lights,even green or red,  so what’s up with all this and does any of it really work […]