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  • To Stop Or Not To Stop?

    To Stop Or Not To Stop?

    So the light turns yellow how do you know if you should stop or take your chances? In many states if you are in the intersection when the light turns red you are in violation and could get a ticket. In all states you are to stop if you can […]

  • What Did You Learn In The Winter Storm

    What Did You Learn In The Winter Storm

    Each time we go through one of these major winter storms it seems I learn something valuable for the next time. One year I learned that carrying a shovel is a must, boy has that one come in handy. When all those folks got stranded in Atlanta last year I […]

  • Brushing The Snow Off Your Vehicle: Does Your State Have A Law? “Snow Missiles”

    Audio Teaching I saw a special feature this week on the Today Show and I had really never thought about it. Now I find that many have been injured and Jessica Smith was killed in New Hampshire  as a result of not clearing the ice and snow off a vehicle […]

  • Takata Air Bag Disaster Like A Virus…Keeps Spreading

    Takata Air Bag Disaster Like A Virus…Keeps Spreading

    With 10 deaths in the US and now  more deaths in more countries,  plus more vehicles involved than the original mind blowing number of 17 million is now over 33 million with Fords announcement this week. The CEO of Takata has offered to resign with Japanese auto makers clamoring for […]

  • 4 Apps to Curb Texting Drivers

    4 Apps to Curb Texting Drivers

    I decided to see what I could find in the way of a Smartphone app to keep me from texting while driving or tweeting or even calling, without a doubt one of the biggest dangers facing any teen driver. With all the technology of the today to say I’m shocked […]

  • Air Bag Recall

    Air Bag Recall

    Great New Web Site up at The Largest Recall Ever of any product the Takata Air Bag Recall Yes, you need to pay attention if you own one of these brands this is a very dangerous situation. Your airbag could shoot shrapnel metal into the driver of your car. […]

  • Deadly Driving Habit “Driving Drowsy”

    Deadly Driving Habit “Driving Drowsy”

    Falling Asleep At The Wheel Most Would List As The Number 2 Killer Here is a Tip that could save your life..Simply pull over and sleep for an hour or so when you get sleepy. NEVER TRY TO WHITE KNUCKLE IT! Put rest into your driving plan at least every […]

  • Backup Plan

    Backup Plan

    Here’s A Plan for you…LOOK before you backup! More than 50% of all collisions with pedestrians happen in parking lots NHTSA estimates that 22 percent (more than one-fifth) of children between ages 5 and 9 killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians. Most of these accidents occurred because drivers failed to […]

  • Don’t Zone Out Or It Could Be Your Rear End

    Don’t Zone Out Or It Could Be Your Rear End

    Every 13 minutes someone in the U.S. is injured in a Work Zone related accident. Couple that with over 20% of our nations highways are currently under construction so Work Zone Driving Safety is a frequent thing. Now ad that 85% of Work Zone fatalities are drivers not the workers. […]

  • Deadly Driving Habit

    Deadly Driving Habit

    Don’t Turn Your Wheels To The Left While Waiting On The Signal In A Left Turn Lane! If a car comes in behind you and slams into you it launches you into oncoming traffic. Especially common when waiting to make a U-Turn… Don’t do it, it is very, very dangerous.


Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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