So what’s a PIQQUDIM? I am so glad you ask for I have been asking that and asking that since July, asking God what is this word that King David uses in the Psalms, especially in Psalms 119. It is one of the ten commonly repeated words that seem repetitive in the 119 Psalm. This was, I feel my Christmas present this year as this week I feel God opened my mind to it’s meaning as He knew how important it was to me to discern this word, and in my understanding now it has everything to do with Christmas, as simply as I can put it in my understanding; the word means “Commandments to Visit with God and in some cases community visits with God”. So what was the ultimate visit from God, as this cool ornament states – “Best Day Ever” – Love came for a visit!

Now with that understanding, read a few verses from the 119 Psalm (RSV Robby Standard version)

63 – I am a companion of those who fear you and those who keep your visits and community visits.

69 – The proud have forged a lie against me but I will keep your visits and community visits.

87- They had almost consumed me upon the earth; but I forsook not the gathering of ourselves together.

93 I will never forget Your visits for with them you quickened me.

94 I am Yours, save me; for I have sought your visits.

The word of God is amazingly personal and each time you go there you get a visit, and once quickened it opens up more and more visits both in community and in your special time with Him.

What good is a Christmas day without the visit, what good is the family gathering without Him, or the Church service – Let me just say not only did Love come down on Christmas but if we prepare Him room He still does…

What was Your Favorite Visit? Nothing on Earth Like them.