College, time to drop them off in a new city, how will they know what to do if their car breaks down, they get in an accident, need a tow, or get a flat tire? Do they know how to check their oil, tire pressure, when to get their car serviced, what if they lose their keys? A little planning could save a lot of heart break and expense.

What a great time for prayer: Father please help us prepare our child for their initiation into the adult world, especially right now with their car. Please guide us to reliable, trustworthy people to help them know You are with them in this process. Lord we need a good mechanic, Body Shop, Wrecker Service, insurance agent that our child will go for counsel and assistance. Jesus, thank you for this chance to connect them with you in a practical way, may this bring You glory, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Here are a 5 – good folks for them to have in their phone to call.

#1 A Good Insurance Agent who they know to call. Ask them, should they get roadside assistance?

#2 A Good Mechanic/ repair facility who works on their make and model of car regularly.

#3 A Wrecker Service in their area.

#4 A Good Body Shop, and or Glass company.. just in case.

#5 Locksmith / Key replacement location


Here are 8 – Things we believe everyone should know how to do on their own car. Once they have their manful in their hand take them through these… They will always know where to go with a question.

#1 Find their owners manual

#2 What their warning lights are and what to do with each (in the manual)

#3 know their maintenance schedule, oil changes etc.. (in the manual)

#4 how to check their oil level (in the manual)

#5 how to check their tire pressure (in the manual)

#6 how to check their other fluid levels, Coolant – Brake – Transmission – Power Steering (in the manual)

#7 how to jump start their car or not to depending on their car and skill level (in the manual)

#8 Warnings that their brakes are in need of maintenance (in the manual)

Similarly, can they find their Bible and do they know where to go with their questions?