Why do you think a Baby Cries as the very first thing we all do? Broken intimacy, wrap it tight in a blanket so it thinks its close to its mother and it calms down. Why do you think the Psalmist used the words cry from his whole heart as the first words in the Quf section verse 145 of the 119 Psalm with the Quf being the first letter in the word Holy Qadosh in Hebrew. I could help but note that in Hebrew the words near and far put the Quf either near or far.

קָרַב = Near

רָחַק = Far

Now go look at all the verses in the Quf section verses 145-152 and note they all have to do with proximity, especially when you consider how a heart cry is a cry for intimacy.

The Really really cool thing is that the closer we get to God the closer we get together… It is Holy