Hands Free driving, GM set their sights on it in 1956 with this GM Motorama Film.

GM futurists were pretty close on many things, hands free driving, speed safety lanes, sleep control beds and infrared/microwave cooked food. GM thought by 1976, but still here we are in 2018 staring it in the face if you didn’t know Cadillac’s new Super Cruise is the closest I have seen to a production car along these lines. Check this out.

Amazing stuff, looks like we are close to the GM dream, personally I would love to try it and I think as the technology advances it will indeed be safer and more efficient, but isn’t it a further “flight from reality” as the Ransom Heart Podcast on “The World Part 1”, suggests.

John points out that James 4: 4 is a very disruptive verse along these lines.

Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.”

The Kingdom of God verses the Kingdom of “Self”. The Kingdom of self is always looking for more freedom with less responsibility so yes, “hands free driving”, yes I can eat what I want and not exercise and just take meds. The sexual revolution right, more freedom less responsibility.  Today you can even “subscribe” to a vehicle not own one.

Why own a car when you can subscribe to one instead from CNN.

“General Motors (GM)’ Cadillac division pioneered the trend with its BOOK By Cadillac service that launched in New York last year. It soon expanded to Los Angeles and Dallas. For $1,800 a month, users can choose any Cadillac model. If they decide to change to another, a driver will bring them the new car and take back the one they’re finished with.”

Wow, talk about your “flight from reality”. maybe the Amish don’t have it so wrong. I can’t imagine losing the fun of driving or taking care of my own car.

Getting back to James 4:4, he hones in on the Adultery side of  idolatry calling out our faithfulness. Trusting God’s word that the “world” is taking you away from reality. Sin does have consequences, lust, sexual immorality, eating poorly, not working all have real consequences.

Walking is much slower but so much better for us. Learning the responsibility of car ownership, insurance, licensing, maintenance, then actually driving it are all initiating us as Kings and Queens of the Kingdom of God, learning the responsibility we will need to be a better stewards of riches so much greater than a hands free vehicle subscription.  That’s my view, plus I really like steering, not that I won’t use hands free when it comes, hands free isn’t the problem.  My problem is to much emphasis on “SELF”.

“Whoever loses his life will gain it”, right, Kingdom of God over self.  Life comes with the Kingdom and truly life more abundantly.