What would you think desperate people would need more than, water, medicine, transportation or shelter? Nik Ripken, learned that when asked; the desperate, starving, dying people of Somalia wanted to tell their story more than they wanted any of the above. They were humans not animals and the need for expression and communication was more important to them.

We being the image bearers of God must reflect the need to share our stories, especially those of our broken hearts because God desires to share His, a way to look at the Bible is God being intimate with us sharing His broken heart, and desiring us to understand. I love to listen to God’s story.

The more I think about it the more I see my need to go back over my broken heart with God, share the story… How about you?

Often with our Jesus Labor of Love– Car Repair for Single Mom’s and Families in Crisis, I find what Nik Ripken said to be very true, the applicants want to tell me their stories and pray with them sharing it with God more than they seem to want the help.

Here is your chance…Today’s Christian Car Guy Show we would love for you to do just that, call in and share your broken heart – 866-348-7884