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Christian Car Guy Theater Cast and Crew

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  • Greedonomics 101

    Greedonomics 101

    The more I study this the more I’m inclined to think that ignorance is bliss, so ***WARNIG**** proceeding in this article may be hazardous to your bliss; though I am praying not ultimately to your joy or hope. You may have come to this having just read ‘How Much Car […]

  • Beat The Heat by Knowing Your AC Controls

    Beat The Heat by Knowing Your AC Controls

      Really understanding your Air conditioner controls will help you beat the heat. The Max AC or Recirculate button or lever or switch as circled above is one major key. Your car struggles to cool outside air coming into your car over 80 degrees. So when outside temperatures soar to […]

  • Five Basics In Buying A Good Cheap Used Car

    Five Basics In Buying A Good Cheap Used Car

    As the Christian car guy I get a great deal of email from folks allowing me to help them with automotive concerns. More than half of that email is aimed at this question, how do I find a good cheap used car. For the most part this list has to […]

  • Some Christian Car Guy 101

    Some Christian Car Guy 101

    The Jesus Labor of Love request I just posted is an amazing example of another fundamental in Negotiations Bible style. Here was the request I received this morning: “My reverse in my car went out. I think my transmission needs to be replaced.” That was all it said, no other […]

  • So Easy Mom Can Do it (Happy Mother’s Day)

    So Easy Mom Can Do it (Happy Mother’s Day)

    Today’s Christian Car Guy show we are in search of Master Moms for Mother’s Day with our “So Easy Mom’s Can Do It Scavenger Hunt”. Every winner who calls in today will receive a custom Master Mom Certificate like pictured above and their choice of the Last Words of Jesus […]

  • The Day My Life’s Goal Changed (though not Yet A Christian)

    The Day My Life’s Goal Changed (though not Yet A Christian)

    I had spent The Past 22 years of my career working my way up to what I thought was my dream job, I was the General Manager of Crown Dodge in Greensboro, NC, but now it looked like I was an absolute failure. Perhaps I would be the next ‘Poster […]

  • My Car Does WHAT

    My Car Does WHAT

    Your dash lights up with things you don’t understand, well some of these understanding may save your life or someone close to you.  The National Safety Counsel’s new web site is a great resource for clearly understanding the latest safety technology becoming common place on newer cars. No doubt […]

  • Is It Curtains for “Old Red” at 388,060 Miles

    Is It Curtains for “Old Red” at 388,060 Miles

    This week on the Christian Car Guy Show:  “Old Red” my trademark 1995 Dodge Dakota has apparently blown another head gasket, as would appear obvious from the tell tale “Milk Shaked” Motor Oil.  So do I send my devoted friend on a one way trip to 109-U-Pull-it for an encounter […]

  • Dash Board  “WARNING” “WARNING”

    Dash Board “WARNING” “WARNING”

    Lives could be saved and millions of dollars if we could just adhere to the simple logic behind the color of Dash Board Lights. Red: Means “Emergency” pull over as quickly and safely as possible imminent danger!! These are the Air Bag, Oil pressure, Brake, Temperature and Alternator lights. The […]

  • Today Michelin, “Under Pressure or Over”

    Today Michelin, “Under Pressure or Over”

    From Michelin’s Site Tires have been known to lose up to 1psi (pounds per square inch) every month, so check all tires, including your spare, once a month (or before a long trip). It’s easy. Here’s how: Purchase a trusted tire pressure gauge. Check your tires “cold” – before you’ve […]


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Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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