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  • Preparing Your Car For The Next Season with Jerry Mathis

    Preparing Your Car For The Next Season with Jerry Mathis

    On today’s Show Guest Host Jerry Mathis of Ray’s Body Shop and Wrecker Service will help you get ready for the next season by caring for your car. Then I’m sure Jerry will take us on a spiritual adventure along the same lines. Last Spring Stoner Car Care Solutions sent […]

  • What’s The Best Car?

    What’s The Best Car?

    I believe if you look closely at the picture above you can easily see a similarity between these Car insignia, yes they are all shields and I believe inside that picture you’ll find what most find critical to the question of what is the best car. Historically shields did a […]

  • Sliding Through The Snow: My 5 Tips

    Sliding Through The Snow: My 5 Tips

    One minute you are driving along thinking it’s not too bad, in a flash everything changes the car swerves, your first reaction to hit the brakes made it worse and you slide into the ditch hopefully without crashing into something. None the less your whole world now goes into to […]

  • To Tell The Truth

    To Tell The Truth

    To tell The Truth…Looking Back over a lifetime connected to the Car Business … These words are life giving. Just ‘tell the Truth’, seems so simple but can I share how the world complicates that for a young person going into say, car sales, or a parts sales, or even […]

  • Are You Ready?

    Are You Ready?

    Snow tires: Softer rubber helps on ice and snow not just to get through the snow but to stop and corner on ice. Flush That Radiator: protect your engine with fresh clean ph balanced coolant. Acid forms in your coolant and deteriorates your cooling system. Not to mention the protection […]

  • Lessons From Gas Thirst 2016

    Lessons From Gas Thirst 2016

    What can we learn from this weeks gas scare in the Southeast Mass Shortages Occur When the public panics over the possibility of running out of something they deem a necessity. The Fuel Delivery System in the U.S. is quite fragile and monstrous in volume dispensed. Gasoline has to continue […]

  • False Labor (Is Painful)

    False Labor (Is Painful)

    The Traditional way to calculate labor charges for car repair since I got into it in the late 60’s is by using time guides. The Chilton and Motors were the time guides of choice for years. The principle worked like this. The time guide people would decide how long it […]

  • Negotiations Bible Style 2016 (What About TrueCar?)

    Audio Teaching   Jesus taught the most profoundly simple wisdom ever taught on the art of negotiation, so simple that few can see it, but so profound that it’s use will change your life and the world. In a three-letter very simple word “ASK”. “Ask and it shall be given […]

  • What’s A Doc Fee?

    What’s A Doc Fee?

    This week I received an email from a listener about Doc fees/Documentary fees. It’s been a long time since I had a discussion about them and found his insight and humor refreshing. Essentially Doc fees/Administrative fees etc… are a way for dealers to advertise prices that make no sense and […]

  • Car Odor Elimination Ideas

    Car Odor Elimination Ideas

    On Today’s Show September 3rd 2016 10am ET Call In With Your Tried & True Odor Eater Call US 866-348-7884 This Bag of Charcoal/Rocks has over 1900 reviews and seems to be a hit for $9.95 Click here to go to Amazon MOSO Back in the day we just simply […]


Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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