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  • Nahum’s Matt Part II

    Nahum’s Mat Part II Narrator: Time Now for Christian Car Guy Theater… With Today’s Episode Nahum’s Mat Part 2 Previously on Nahum’s Mat Radio Distress Announcement: Break: Standby Mountain Rescue Team C for Emergency Beaver County Sherriff’s Report: We have four missing Hikers, repeat 4 missing hikers due back Last […]

  • Nahum’s Mat Part One

    Narrator: Now that Jimmy was back to himself in an effort to give back some of the support he had received, he joined the volunteer mountain rescue team and within hours of that move his new 2way radio sounded off:   Radio Distress Announcement: Break: Standby Mountain Rescue Team C for Emergency Beaver County Sherriff’s […]

  • Jimmy and The Road Hog

    Jimmy and the Road Hog   Act 1   Narrator: You may remember that when we last left Jimmy, he had been involved in a terrible automobile accident and was going to spend 6 months in a wheelchair. In this episode, we join Jimmy at the doctor’s office… Doctor: Well, Jimmy, […]

  • My-Way Warren Winch

    Narrator: It looked like Jimmy’s Jeep wrangler was finally on its way home with Sally Bible Belt and Tammy Tensioner repaired and spinning harmoniously. Under the hood not everyone was as refined as Jimmy may have hoped for and this time it was Crude Mosey Motor Oil who was gushing […]

  • Sinister Sally Serpentine

    The Jeep Wrangler just had a brush with a watery death and you would think all would be well and peaceful but as you may have experienced that’s just the time when something evil creeps in and so it was for Jimmy’s Jeep Wrangler under the hood. “I’m not really […]

  • Christian Car Guy Theater: Episode 1- Lazy Sammy Starter

    Click hear to listen to the Audio Theater Version: CAUTION: This story may be a bit pun-ishing, but after all it’s just how eye roll. . Heading toward Beaver Brook the Jeep Wrangler was perilously navigating the mountain terrain, the rain pouring down meant flash floods in these parts. Gully […]