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  • Americans Waste 203 Million Gallons Of Gas A Week on Speeding

    Here is the Math With Links to the statistics new for 2012 Avg American 13,476 miles / 20.6 current US Fleet mpg = 654 gallons a year   Avg American 13,476 miles / 22.4 estimating a 1.8 mpg difference with out speeding mpg = 602 gallons a year   Difference […]

  • 14 Vacation Gas Saving Tips (How to get to the sea and not the Shell)

    Summers Here, Don’t let the price of gas cause your family to have a staycation. Pray! God will help  make the trip both meaningful and affordable. Drive at night if possible (less stop and go, less traffic, less pit stops, cooler running Plan route to miss cities at rush hours..saves gas and […]

  • Christian Car Advice

    :30 Seconds of Christian Car Advice from Buying, Selling, Driving Safely and maintaining your car         Podcasts of Previous Christian Car Guy Shows Christian Car Advice       Live Stream 10am ET Every Saturday of Christian Car Advice. Call in with your questions 866-348-7884     […]

  • Is Premium Gas Worth It?

    To fully understand why you would spend more money on premium fuel we need to understand the basic mechanics involved. The four stroke engine revolutionized transportation with those four strokes being: The intake stroke, the compression stroke, the power stroke, and the exhaust stroke, Intake stroke: The piston moves down […]

  • How Far Should You Go To Save on Gas?

    Math and averages below as well as the real secret to saving gas money.. Practically speaking for every cent you save you shouldn’t travel over a quarter mile .25 miles or you are not really saving. Then for 2 cents you can go a half mile but even that is […]

  • Robby’s Top Twenty Gas Savers

    1. Pray, ask God to help you to be a good steward, to let Jesus take the wheel, and drive as a team player to save gas money for the Kingdom. . 2. Don’t speed. It’s a bad witness, a huge fuel waster and dangerous to yourself your family, and […]