Sometimes a simple rap with a screw driver on that relay will get you down the road with your Air Conditioner working again like the video below.

Or that coolant leak may be a  50 cent hose clamp, how do you know when to try and fix it yourself? My experience is that’s a great time for a father, or someone who can father you, like You-Tube did for me in this instance when my wife’s Camry AC button started blinking. Knowing when and how to call Dad or for a dad is a extremely simple thing to do, that I promise will make your life much simpler plus when your wife sees you fix her AC by rapping on the relay with a screw driver she looks on in admiration as you know you do have what it takes to fix a car, simple ask Dad for help…. I am guessing you know what I mean by this spiritually, but prayer is that simple and I promise God is all about fathers in your life, even if you just need a fuse changed or the keys locked out of the car.

TWO VERY SIMPLE SAFETY TIPS TO SAVE YOUR LIFE… Number one-wear your seat belt, I listened to a father the other day who had lost his 27 year old son a month or so ago. He told me, “he was just going a few blocks to get his phone and cigarettes he had forgotten, so he didn’t wear his seat belt”..beyond tragic, beyond sad. Number two – slow down. I was hit by a Jeep going less than 5mph and nearly lost my leg, two years in a cast and two surgeries later I still don’t have the fibula bone in my left leg it was beyond repair. The power and momentum of 5mph is beyond anything you can imagine with a 2,500 lb rolling vehicle, yes 5mph over makes a difference.

By Bill Mixon My Christian Insurance Guy

This week my daughter had trouble starting her car.  It is a car that you must put your foot on the break peddle to crank.  She tried to start it and I tried to start it.  I pulled out the jumper cables and cleaned the battery terminals.   The car made promising sounds but no luck. So I loaned her my car and planned to have her car towed to the mechanic the next day.

The tow truck driver showed up and quickly determined it was a fuel problem.  He depressed the gas peddle twice and it started right up.  I was not sure if I should be ecstatic that we did not need to pay the mechanic while I wrote a $40 check for toe truck driver’s expertise.   By asking the toe truck driver if they charged the same to toe my car as to just get it running, I saved a lot of money.   He actually had to call his dispatcher to answer my question.

While my daughter had my car the battery in the fancy key fob stopped working.   She knew she could disengage the hidden key from within the fob to open the door but she did not know she could then touch the ignition button with the fob and start the car, even if the fob battery needed replacing.

This encouraged me to remember the time my Jeep stopped running and when the toe truck driver arrived he determined all I needed to do was screw on my gas cap on securely.  In many car’s if the gas cap is missing or loose your car will stop running.

Have you ever had a problem inserting your ignition key all the way?  Did you know you might fix the problem by moving your steering wheel as you insert the key?

If your windshield gets a chip or very small crack in it, get it fixed immediately. If you have comprehensive insurance the deductible will often be waived by the insurance company.   If you do not have insurance to cover your windshield call and offer to take your car to the windshield repair center, they will charge very little for the repair.

Did you know that if you pull out your car’s headrest you have a tool to break a car’s window?

You probably know this but just in case, you can order a small container of paint that exactly matches your car’s color and it comes in a little applicator with a paint brush. You can keep your car looking great for a few dollars.

With many newer cars you are prevented from putting your car in neutral if you can not start your car.  There is always a simple but hidden way to override this lock.   You will need to check your owners manual to Google to discover your car’s particular secret override. This trick can come in handy if you need to reposition your car for a jump start.

Many insurance companies offer different versions of towing AND LABOR protection.  The “and labor” part usually includes someone bringing you a little gas to be able to drive to a gas station, it can include a jump to get your vehicle started, often it will included having a tire changed. The towing part almost always has a limitation like a specific dollar amount or a specific number of miles for a tow. It only costs a few dollars to double this coverage from the basic amount of coverage.   Some car dealers include towing coverage when you buy a car but often this coverage has more limitations and disappears once the warranty is expired.

Comprehensive insurance coverage varies by state but it is almost always very reasonably priced and can reimburse you for glass breakage, storm damage, trees falling on your car, flood, tornado damage, flying objects, hitting an animal, fire, theft of the vehicle, and in some states problems like spilled paint or gasoline.   Sometimes this coverage is called “other than collision ” coverage.

What situations can you remember where there was a simple fix to one of your automotive problems?

If you reside in North Carolina it would be my pleasure to work with you on your insurance.

Bill Mixon