First we have had some very generous donations both financially and the beginning process of getting two car donations.  Thank you Lord!!!

Next The Lord blessed us to help pay to fix and make arrangements for different 6 single mom car repairs in the last couple weeks… Totaling covering over $2,000 donations of repair labor and parts, not to mention the discounts provided by repair centers and towing companies. Thank you Lord!!!

We still have seven ladies waiting on car donations, and these difficult situations ….

I need my car due to different health issues such as type II diabetics, Heart disease, High Blood Pressure, and I need my car to get to appointments also I have a Orthopedic Doctor, my appointments are in Winston Salem,n.c. Salisbury,nc and Thomasville,nc. . I thank God that it did not happen on my way back from the doctor in winston-salem,nc on Wednesday.

I am a single mother and i am having issues with my car. The tire blew out this last Sunday and I have been having to ask for rides to get me and my daughter to work and school.

I am disabled and my daughter is in a wheelchair. We have a van that is in need of repair. We cannot drive it right now because it loses the antifreeze instantly. We need the car to get doctors appointments and other errands. I cannot take public transportation due to my medical condition.

I am in a crisis where I need help with my axle is not doing well it actually pops when I drive. I have a daughter that I try to take to school and I’m unable to commute back and forth because of this CV axle problem I am also in need of tires to help me with the situation as well so whatever you are willing to help with I will be so grateful. But my concern is the axle and the tires.

I just moved to Greensboro 2 months ago and instantly ran into financial trouble because of a slum lord. And now Im living out of a hotel with my 4 children and our time is up next week. I also just got a job that I have orientation for next week, my baby just started head start. And my car is malfunctioning and dont have funds to get it fixed. I am in danger of living on the streets. I and my children would be forever grateful for any help I can get. God bless you.

I need help with my car I have started this new job & I need transportation to get back and forth to work. I am a single mom trying my best. I just need a little help.

My car broke down – had it towed to garage to the tune of $324. Garage said my cvt transmission died and it would cost over $4,100 to fix it and it had to be done at a dealer. I don’t have the money to fix it and am still making payments on it. I am ready to surrender the car to the lienholder but don’t have any down payment for another one and don’t have a credit card to rent one. I have a part time job I need to get to and have been using Uber ($35 / day)

I am a single mother of a 8 month old, trying to find work to help keep everything she needs, my car is our main way to and from her doctors appointments.