All my life selling cars the basic, basic, every car salesman is taught is called ‘the road to the sale’. Every Car Salesperson out there knows exactly what I am talking about ..

The ‘road to a sale’ is a bit of a road map of the steps you take to sell a car…most would say you have

  • Number One Meet and Greet
  • Two establish Common Ground
  • Three Qualify, Fact Find
  • Four: Feature Presentation
  • Five Test Drive:
  • Six: Trial Close
  • Seven: Close
  • Eight: Delivery

Now there are many variations and different takes on this but that’s the basics….

A step by step way to sell a car, in my view understanding these steps and following them will help you sell anything so we are going to do some of that on today’s show if you want to go listen to the podcast…

But Jesus gave us this plan way before it was taught to salespeople, and for a much higher purpose, though it works in so many ways…

So for fun today I want to explore the ways Jesus taught it using those principals to the road to a sale and perhaps the road to a marriage, but most of all,  the road to intimacy with God.

Jesus taught in the sermon on the mount in Chapter Seven of Matthew: ““Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.”

This week reading Dwight L. Moody’s Book “Prevailing Prayer” Moody said that Christians could be identified as Askers, Seekers, and Knockers. This really got me to thinking about that and the process itself, then I saw the principal as it lined up with my old training as a car salesman and the “road to the sale”.

Simply the process works similar to dating.

  1. Ask a girl for a date
  2. Seek out her house
  3. knock on her door

Put it in a sale platform and it’s like this.

  1. Ask if you can help them, (meet and greet/establish common ground)
  2. Seek to find the right car for them, (qualify, fact find, feature presentation, test drive)
  3. Knock on their door to deliver the car, (close)

I love the way Moody suggested that many of us knock on God’s door and then run away like little kids, we never ask the closing question as I observed was a common weakness among sales people.

If we Ask for intimacy with God, then diligently seek Him with all our hearts like a girl over dinner on that  first date when you can’t get enough intimacy, by all means we need to knock on the doors of heaven to take our seat with Him, this is no time to run away but to ask again… MAY I COME IN, and the asking starts again and again…ENJOY