The Word Shepherd is repeated 32 times in Ezekiel 34 my guess is that’s God’s way of Saying “Hello McFly” and knocking on my head. Pay attention this is important not to mention John chapter 10 is all about a good Shepherd, Abel, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Rebecca, Moses, David, the Bride in the Song of Solomon, all you guessed it- Shepherds. I could go on and on actually but the amazing fact about that word, shepherd in Hebrew is the first two letters spell evil, yes the evil Adam and Eve came to know in the garden.

What’s the difference between evil and Shepherd? I’m glad you asked. It’s the last letter which is the Hebrew letter “Hey”. And it’s meaning is it’s name, “expression”, and by the way it’s repeated twice in God’s name, Yahweh – do you see it in the two H’s. God spoke the world into existence and The I AM is the voice in John 10 we are supposed to tune into. How can you tell you are tuned in?? Even bigger question. One is by reading meditating, sharing His word, the Bible, as you will by all this study hear His voice Constantly.

Another way is your heart, if you hear a song and pull over on the side of the road crying, my guess is God touched your heart with His expression somehow. You are listening to a story or watching a movie or a play and suddenly you are deeply affected; great news your heart is alive and well. The truth is that God is always expressing Himself to us, yet we have old wounds, brokenness and sin that carry us away to the past or the future but not allowing us to be present with God. That’s why Jesus Blood/The Cross is fundamental not just in your salvation but in your sanctification or working out your salvation with fear and trembling. As Ruth Graham said, “We are under construction!”

This too is why God’s word is what the Sheep need to clean us from the inside out… I have a story today on the Christian Car Guy Show – we would love to hear yours – call us 866-348-7884