Family in Lexington, KY is in desperate need of a donated vehicle, the husband needs a liver transplant and makes numerous doctor visits, a teenage daughter and wife who are trying to manage, but their cars engine ceased this week… Please Pray and if you know anyone in that arrea with a car please contact me

Denver Colorado: A single mother of 4 girls with health problems.  This past year one of her daughters was murdered by an ex-boyfriend and he set her car on fire as well.  She has been struggling in every way imaginable and is a great woman of faith.  Desperately need someone that will possibly donate her a car or give them one for a relatively low price we can maybe fundraise for her.  Please Pray God will provide something in Colorado for her.

Walker Town, North Carolina: A single mom age 20, is in desperate need of a car donation as she is trying to get work and her family is struggling to take care of her and her daughter. Please Pray for a vehicle in The Winston Salem, Greensboro, Area