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Christian Car Guy Theater Cast and Crew

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  • Safer Brakes Systems Plus A Good Anchor Saves Lives

    Safer Brakes Systems Plus A Good Anchor Saves Lives

    As National Highway fatalities continue to drop one major reason is better brakes. All new cars now feature some form of Anti Lock Braking and most also have stability control. Big trucks and Motor Homes are also increasing their braking technology as the days of skidding out of control begin […]

  • Understanding How Torque and Horsepower Are Leveraged

    Understanding How Torque and Horsepower Are Leveraged

    The concepts of torque and horsepower have always been a bit confusing yet I would like to leverage those concepts for us to help us meet our transportation needs more efficiently. Simply put motor vehicles are a means of transportation of weight going some distance in an allotted amount of […]

  • Getting It Straight

    Getting It Straight

    Like many God sized tasks straightening a frame or uni-body is both extremely dangerous and in my view more of an art than a task. In order to “Get it Straight” the job requires both skill and meticulous measurement against a perfect standard. How cool is that, when done well […]

  • Is Premium Gas Worth It?

    Is Premium Gas Worth It?

    To fully understand why you would spend more money on premium fuel we need to understand the basic mechanics involved. The four stroke engine revolutionized transportation with those four strokes being: The intake stroke, the compression stroke, the power stroke, and the exhaust stroke, Intake stroke: The piston moves down […]

  • Parts is Parts????

    Parts is Parts????

    When it comes to auto parts the old adage you get what you pay for  is not necessarily true.  Sometimes the OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is both more expensive and of lesser value. Wiper Blades are a great example of this, there are some amazing replacement wiper blades that […]

  • How Do You Love On Your Car?

    How Do You Love On Your Car?

    Loving and nurturing a child you feed, cloth, wash and direct them. Psychologists indicate that a person’s biological needs must be met before any others. Similarly the same is true with your car although feeding it requires gas instead of food, lots of clean air, a good bath regularly, preventative […]


Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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