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  • Car Odor Elimination Ideas

    Car Odor Elimination Ideas

    On Today’s Show September 3rd 2016 10am ET Call In With Your Tried & True Odor Eater Call US 866-348-7884 This Bag of Charcoal/Rocks has over 1900 reviews and seems to be a hit for $9.95 Click here to go to Amazon MOSO Back in the day we just simply […]

  • How To Find A Good Mechanic

    How To Find A Good Mechanic

    One of my most asked questions as the Christian Car Guy is: How do I find a good trustworthy mechanic?… Here are a couple ideas I like to share. #1 Prayer: Don’t wait till something blows up before you pray. God, being not unlike a good earthly father, loves to […]

  • Is It Curtains for “Old Red” at 388,060 Miles

    Is It Curtains for “Old Red” at 388,060 Miles

    This week on the Christian Car Guy Show:  “Old Red” my trademark 1995 Dodge Dakota has apparently blown another head gasket, as would appear obvious from the tell tale “Milk Shaked” Motor Oil.  So do I send my devoted friend on a one way trip to 109-U-Pull-it for an encounter […]

  • Spring Time Means A Good Time To Clean

    Spring Time Means A Good Time To Clean

    If you are planning on keeping your car, like me, than your car’s finish is being attacked, right now as you are readying this by the heat of summer.  God made our skin to expand and contract with heat and cold; so have you ever given thought to what that […]

  • Dash Board  “WARNING” “WARNING”

    Dash Board “WARNING” “WARNING”

    Lives could be saved and millions of dollars if we could just adhere to the simple logic behind the color of Dash Board Lights. Red: Means “Emergency” pull over as quickly and safely as possible imminent danger!! These are the Air Bag, Oil pressure, Brake, Temperature and Alternator lights. The […]

  • Phone APP Makes Maintenance Recording Keeping  “So EASY”

    Phone APP Makes Maintenance Recording Keeping “So EASY”

    Let me just say I still am amazed how automatically easy this process now is and all for FREE!!! I have long touted the importance of keeping service records; because back when I appraised car for trade-ins, I would add as much as a thousand dollars to a cars value […]

  • Air Bag Recall

    Air Bag Recall

    Great New Web Site up at The Largest Recall Ever of any product the Takata Air Bag Recall Yes, you need to pay attention if you own one of these brands this is a very dangerous situation. Your airbag could shoot shrapnel metal into the driver of your car. […]

  • Delamination: Cause Complaint Correction Counter

    Delamination: Cause Complaint Correction Counter

    Cause: The primary cause for delamination in paint is bad paint coat chemical engineering. On most production vehicles there are five to seven layers of paint, and as each layer goes on it needs to laminate or adhere to the previous layer and stay that way through huge temperature and […]

  • Name That Noise “Wiper Blade Chatter”

    Name That Noise “Wiper Blade Chatter”

    ANNOYING Right… you can clean the windshield with vinegar and the blades with alcohol, buy new blades and perhaps even new arms and still SQEEEEEEEK… Chatter… Here is a great video that clearly explains the problem and an easy fix for many.  

  • 376,000 Miles and Counting

    376,000 Miles and Counting

    Most folks who know me have never seen me drive anything else, (including my children). We traded for Old Red in 1998 when it had about 30,000 miles and being that it was a 4cyl 2.5L 5 speed manual that would get great gas mileage, we made it our parts […]


Wisdom Of The Wounded

Wisdom Of The Wounded

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